Discuss the kinds of logical structures that are in place to determine the positions of agents and advisors. Discuss whether you think they are effective or not.

  • At least 500 – 700 words
  • Must be in APA Style
  • Must Have 3 Peer Reviewed Works/Articles

Educating Managers and Policy Analyst

Rapid growth in data, computational power, and social media creates new opportunities for innovation governance and policymaking. These information and communication technology developments affect all parts of the policy-making cycle. As a result, drastic changes in the way in which policies are developed (Janssen, 2015). Policymaking and its subsequent implementation are necessary to deal with societal problems. Policy analysts are well educated; therefore, a company uses the experts to convey status rewards outside the company. The policy informatics include the savvy public manager and the informatics analyst in the public administration curriculum.

Throughout the life project cycle, the manager emphasizes the role of understanding the comprehensive policy and legal environment, need to venture into coalition building, develop indicators and the importance of lining up finance and human resources. Developing simulation is always based on certain assumptions, and a model is as good as the developer makes it (Janssen, 2015). The education needs of professionals are changing. Technology and business strategies are now available to meet financial management issues. Such as the delivery of public services more efficiently.

Policy informatics-savvy public manager and the policy informatics analyst are two ideal types of practitioners who use or create policy informatics projects, programs, or platforms. Policy analysts have significantly been viewed as spanning agents who act as advisers on matters concerning policy (Koliba, 2015). Analysts provide other services other than policy advice to clients. They can offer the academic literature to making coffee. They elucidate their essential functions, personal problems and behavioral patterns in business firms. Though their behavioral patterns have been established, there is a need to develop general conceptual frameworks of the types of agents and advisers being applied to this role.

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