Please respond to the following: The discussion questions given please produce 200 words about each numbered question. please place answers under each bullet point. In Addition a response must be given back (100 words) to the other student Paula Pierce.

Discretionary and Legally Required Benefits

1. Discuss whether or not you believe that discretionary employee benefits should be an entitlement or earned based on performance. Justify your response.

2. Select two (2) legally required benefits and explain why it is necessary for the law to require these benefits for employees. Next, debate whether or not you believe these laws are fair for both employers and employees. Provide support for your response.

Executive Compensation

3. Use the Internet or the Strayer Library to research common components of executive compensation plans. Next, examine these components and identify one (1) component that you deem essential to motivate executives to lead companies toward competitive advantage. Provide support as to why you chose that component.

4. Popular press and media accounts generally suggest that executives are overpaid. Discuss two (2) principles underlying the argument in favor of high executive compensations and determine whether these principles are sound. Provide examples to support your response.


RE: Week 6 Discussion

Hello Everyone,

I believe that UFS will benefit if John hires a sales consultant because he will not get tied down look and exploring new customers, the new sales consultant can do that for him. John can search other avenues for business and stay focused on with the company without focusing on sales. Plus the sales representative may have to interact with potential new customer over an extended period of time until the company’s contract with another service provider expires. The sales consultant will also require spending time to develop a relationship with each other.

The three incentives for a new sales representative would be, a bonus for so many clients, paid vacation and possible promotion. Those are things that I think people would work harder for with its not coming our of there pockets but something being put in their pockets.

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