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Complete work on your Learning Team Database and show the Demo in-class on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017.

Execute the following queries in the Diamond Broker database:

Submit all your queries that you use to generate the resultsets as requested in below.
Create a 1-page inventory list showing all the attributes for each diamond in inventory (both in stock and not in stock)
Show the total price and costs for all in stock inventory items
Show a 1-page list of all diamonds that are in stock and have a carat weight of over 1.0 carats
Show a 1-page list of customer names and order numbers for those customers that have placed an order in the past twelve months
Show a 1-page list of all orders with customer name and include all items that are on that order

If your team works on different database management system, please submit your queries to show all resultsets from each tables and at least 3 Inner-Join queries and 3 Where-clause queries.

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