DIA Museum Assignment. Essay Dissertation Help

DIA Museum Assignment.
Today we will be visiting the African art galleries at Detroit Institute of
Art. Please choose one of these questions.
1. Compare and Contrast two works of art from the African or African
American Galleries DIA. How do they compare in form, content,
purpose and mood? What is the significance of this comparison? To
complete this question, you must write three paragraphs. In the first
paragraph, explain your thesis, which is the significance of the
comparison. In the second paragraph, explain the details of your thesis,
using details from the artworks. In the third paragraph, summarize your
argument and explain the wider significance or points left out of your
2. Sketch one of the pieces in the DIA. Write one paragraph
that explains what you learned by sketching the piece.
3. Assess one of the African or African American art galleries at the
DIA. How does the gallery compare to learning about that style or time
period in class? How effective is the gallery in providing good examples
of art from the period or style? Like the first question, answer this one in
three paragraphs, with a thesis, argument and conclusion.
4. Research one of the pieces in the African or African American art
galleries at the DIA. How does the piece fit into the larger context of art
and culture that was covered in class? Use the three paragraph format as
in the first question.
For all assignments, at the top of the page, write the following identification
information for each artwork you choose.
• Artist
• Title
• Date
• Medium
• Accession Number

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