develop a group level intervention plan for a case study scenario include a review of two theories that could inform your work with this case suggested strategies for dealing with client resistance a rationale for each selected intervention

For this assessment, you will develop a group-level intervention plan for a case study scenario. Your 10 page document will include a review of two theories that could inform your work with this case, suggested strategies for dealing with client resistance, a rationale for each selected intervention, an implementation plan, and an evaluation plan to assess the effectiveness of your interventions.

For this assessment, you will develop a group-level intervention plan for the case-study scenario you developed in Assessment 1. Your 10 page document will include a review of two theories that could inform your work with your case-study scenario. In addition, you will suggest strategies for dealing with client resistance, a rationale for the chosen interventions, an implementation plan, and an evaluation plan to assess the selected interventions.

Case Study:

Darrian is the director of a non-profit organization that offers services to children in foster care and families in need. He is the head of the organization and is the leader for several managers throughout the company. However, his main focus is on evaluating the skill-building programs that the organization offers to families and children. Darrian reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer and the board of directors. Due to increased competition of federal grant funding, the organization has been reluctant to hire many new people. However, there is a high turn over rate within the organization, as three high level managers have left, along with several direct care workers. Darrian has a very busy schedule that requires him to travel a lot so he is not always available to his employees. Darrian is also a single father to three children and takes care of his elderly aunt. Over the past few months, his home life has been super demanding, which has caused his leadership skills to decline drastically. Darrian supervises the Residential Programs and Clinical Services Manager, Danny, and the Community Programs Manager, Ann. Danny and Ann both supervise five staff members each. Darrian is often times not engaged with Danny and Ann because he has to deal with unforeseen family issues, is required to respond to over 200 emails daily, works eleven hour days, and does not engage in self care. When Darrian’s employees need his assistance he does not do well with giving clear direction or delegating tasks and often times adds unnecessary issues onto his own work load. Darrian’s home life requirements have also impacted Danny and Ann, as they have had to take on more responsibility to compensate for Darrian’s absence. Because Darrian does not do well with providing learning opportunities to Danny and Ann, they have not thrived well as managers and are not very supportive of their staff. Unfortunately, these issues have trickled down to the direct care staff, as they do not feel supported and are often times left with large tasks to complete. Many of the direct care workers and their supervisors eventually experience burn out and either perform poorly or resign. The organization lacks policies that strictly enforce behavior expectations or competencies. This often results in miscommunication that leads to misunderstandings and risky situations that could jeopardize the livelihood of the organization. Darrian is aware that the organization needs major improvements, but he does not know where to start. He has decided to reach out to an outside source to receive leadership consultation.

Prepare a paper that lays out the implementation plan for your consulting project that you developed in Assessment 1. Your implementation plan should include these elements:

  • Select group-level interventions appropriate for helping the client improve performance. Based on the specific problems, strengths, and dynamics noted in your case study, address the following:
    • What are appropriate group-level interventions for helping your client improve performance?
    • How do you know your choice of interventions is appropriate for your scenario? Justify and support your recommended interventions with research and scholarly references.
    • How will these interventions improve interpersonal and intergroup dynamics?
  • Create an implementation plan for the group-level interventions.
    • What are the goals?
    • How will the intervention or interventions be implemented? What is the process?
    • What are the activities and tasks? Who will be responsible?
  • Develop strategies for managing resistance for your case study scenario.
    • What are the potential points of resistance you are likely to encounter in this consulting project?
    • What are at least three strategies that can be used to overcome the anticipated resistance?
  • Develop an evaluation plan for group-level interventions.
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen evaluation process?
    • What are the expected evaluation outcomes for your consulting client?
    • How will you provide feedback on the evaluation results to your client? What will your feedback plan look like?
  • What are the implications for further development of your own consulting skills, competence, and practice?

Be sure to cite peer-reviewed journal articles for supporting your implementation and evaluation plans. Provide relevant examples to further elaborate your points.

Use the following subheadings in your paper and format your subheadings in APA style:

  • Subheading 1 – Group-level Intervention Selection.
  • Subheading 2 – Client Resistance Strategies.
  • Subheading 3 – Implementation Plan.
  • Subheading 4 – Evaluation Plan.
  • Subheading 5 – Conclusion.
  • Subheading 6 – References.

Additional Requirements

  • Written communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current edition APA style and formatting guidelines.
  • Length: 10–12 typed, double-spaced pages.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

Possible Resources to use:

The Science and Application of Interventions


Understanding and Managing Resistance
Setting up Effective Feedback Sessions and Engaging the Client
  • Block, P. (2011). Flawless consulting: A guide to getting your expertise used (3rd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
    • Chapter 14, “Preparing for Feedback,” pages 217–227. This chapter outlines appropriate approaches for consultants when sharing data collected during discovery.
    • Chapter 15, “Managing the Meeting for Action,” pages 229–247. This chapter offers guidance in organizing and running a meeting in which discovery results are shared with the client.
    • Chapter 17, “The Elements of Engagement,” pages 261–278. This chapter reviews key principles for building commitment and provides eight key ways to engage clients.
Translating Analysis and Recommendations into Solutions
  • Block, P. (2011). Flawless consulting: A guide to getting your expertise used (3rd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
    • Chapter 16, “Implementation,” pages 249–259. This chapter offers a perspective on challenges of implementation with attention to consultants’ tendencies to give too much attention to analysis and recommendations and too little to the complexity of translating answers into tangible, realistic actions.
Evaluation Models

Additional Resources for Further Exploration

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