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A psychiatrist interested in treating spider phobia developed a computer program in which patients with spider phobia were given vicarious treatment for the phobia. He wished to know whether the vicarious computer-aided treatment for spider phobia was as effective as a live exposure treatment program during which the patients were gradually exposed to live spiders (huntsmen).
Forty five patients diagnosed with spider phobia were randomly allocated to one of three treatment groups:
1. Relaxation (Control group – given no spider phobia relevant treatment)
2. Computer-aided
3. Live exposure.
Participants were assessed on their fear of spiders both before treatment (pre) immediately afterwards (post) and 6 months later (fup). There were two dependent variables:
1. Spider questionnaire (sq-pre, sq-post and sq-fup).Participants rated their fear of spiders (higher values = greater fear)
2. Behavioural assessment test (BAT-pre, BAT-post and BAT-fup). Participants were exposed to live spiders and given a score depending how close they could get to the spider (higher scores = closer = less fearful).
The Spider questionnaire and BAT scores for the three groups over the three time intervals are provided in the SPSS file Spider phobia treatment.sav. Analyse both these variables, keeping in mind that the specific interest of the researcher was whether computer aided treatment was as effective as exposure to live spiders in treating spider phobia.
Your analysis should include:
1. Checks for bias and assumptions
2. Adjustments for violations of assumptions where appropriate
3. Overall mixed within-between subjects ANOVAs for each variable separately.
4. Appropriate follow-up analyses to determine whether
a. The two treatments are effective in treating spider phobia compared to the relaxation control
b. The computer-aided treatment is as effective as live exposure in treating spider phobia.

Write a full report on the outcome of your analysis, and state your conclusions about the effectiveness of computer-aided treatment for spider phobia


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