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Develop a prototype that represents an interactive experience/process designed to leverage dialogic communication in selected moments that maximizes the potential for transformational learning within doctoral community.

Goal: Create a way to move selected school of advanced conversations from phatic to transformative

Design Constraints:
?Must explicitly align with the design imperatives developed by your group.
?No cost is involved.
?Must be student initiated and sustained.
?Any additional use of technology (beyond current SAS functionality) must be minimal. Your prototype must add a new dimension of dialogue to existing technology. A structural addition may contribute to current functionality (e.g., a new web page, Facebook page, or smartphone app), but its use alone will not increase the quality of dialogue in a direct way, and therefore will not satisfy the requirements.

Prepare a 15- 20 minute presentation that introduces your final prototype to the class. Be sure to address the following questions in your presentation:
•What dialogic insights were gained from (a) your evaluation of the data presented in the literature and (b) the qualitative observations taken from the interview processes?
•How does your prototype fulfill the design imperatives that emerged from the literature and your own experiences of dialogue?
•What process did you use to analyze and evaluate the ideas you created through reframing and brainstorming?
•What factors contributed to the selection of your final prototype?
•How does your prototype leverage dialogic communication to enhance opportunities for transformational learning?

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