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Web Class 101

Instructions for your Web /Donation web page

Pick two from one of the following Titles Make A go Fund Me account for the listed Need.

• Permanent Dental Implants see if you can raise the 60,000 needed if you get no money at all you get a F,
• New Clothes needed see if you can create a go fund me account for 40,000
• Down payment for a car needs to be at lease 14,000
• Finally raise money for furniture, and household needs enough for a 4 bedroom and 3 bath house

The web page must generate money and must have close to or at least half of the close for each thing all donations will go to

Walnut Hill Lutheran Church
3202 Royal Ln
Dallas, TX 75229 or send

Donations must be Address to the Attention of
Natossia Hernandez

If your web page does not get any money you will receive a f and this web page is half of your grade. When in the healthcare field you must be able to raise money so let see how your ability to create a page and earn money goes project is due May 30,2017

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