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File Checks including all assigned Step to Success Exercises, Production Exams & Supplemental Exercises ( Total Possible points) 150

These points are based on two (2) file checks (FC1 & FC2) which will involve file organization and review of files. Students will be required to submit a zip file according to the organization format given by the instructor two (2) weeks prior to the submittal due date. The file checks will include Steps to Success, Production/Case files. Be forewarned that files have been marked for use during this 8wk session and must be so marked when submitted for file checks. The check of files will be a pre-identified selection of completed files submitted (all files, then, will NOT be selected for grading; however, all may be selected for file submission, further, the Production Exam file(s) submitted with each file check (FC1 & FC2) will comprise between 30% to 50 % of the total possible points.). A grading rubric consisting of varying criteria and associated points will be used for grading the compilation of files.


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