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? Review the pathophysiology of chronic and co-occurring conditions.
? Research the relationship between commonly co-occurring conditions.
? Identify how the relationship influences patient presentation and treatment.
? Critique and discuss the role of chronic conditions in paramedic clinical decision making.
the relationship between Diabetes & Cystic Fibrosis .
The aim of the discussion forum is to post your initial research and thoughts regarding the following questions.

? PART 1: Pathophysiology

Outline the pathophysiology and the potential complications / relationships. How might they present in a patient

? PART 2: Consideration of risks to decision making and care planning

How does the disease process(es) /and potential complications effect:
-diagnosis e.g. diagnostic overshadowing —-priority of care
-Patient outcomes e.g. how they may adversely affect outcomes.

? PART 3: Factors that influence transport and priority to tertiary care
Consider and discuss the factors that would influence transport and priority to tertiary care e.g. (these are suggestions and by no means exhaustive)
-the severity of the case or chronic condition(s),
-age of the patient,
-how long the patient has been managing both conditions,
-the prolonged chronic nature of these conditions and the effect that has on body systems etc.

SECOND section 400 Words

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