debate experience discussion

1. Write a paragraph about your experience doing the debate (The debate you did last time)

Debate summary

For the topic, “industrial organic food production is better than conventional industrial food production when it comes to the environment, farmers, public health, and taxpayers, but is still unsustainable” (182-184), before reading the debate, 14 classmates were for and 12 were opposed. After reading the debate, 14 were for and 13 were opposed. One person was undecided before the debate and moved to the con position; therefore, the con position wins, although more students were in support of the pro side. Those on the pro side were mainly for organic production and the benefit in not using chemicals and artificial fertilizer, as well as a reduction in subsidies. Those on the con side felt organic was much more expensive and continued to have negative impacts on the environment, such as in the use of fossil fuels. In the chapter “Big Organic,” Pollan is critical of how industrial organic is similar to conventional industrial in many of the production methods, such as mass production of animals, feeding cows corn, and the use of fossil fuels for transportation. However, he ultimately thinks organic is better because it is produced without pesticides and artificial fertilizer which impact the environment and possibly consumers.

2. Discussion

a. Choice 5: Given the circumstance that your topic doesn’t lend itself well to observation or participation (for field work), you may need to write a fictional account based on the facts that you can find out. Look again at the Student Samples excerpted from Proteus papers in Professor Fischer’s class. In particular, look at the fictional reconstruction of the experience of an arranged marriage in sample 4, based on a photograph and family stories. How do you think this could be integrated into the overall research paper? Remember that these are actual excerpts from the papers. If you need to write a story for your participation/observation, how will you go about this? What factual evidence and research will you base this upon?

b. One paragraph response to one of the other postings by your classmates. You may agree, disagree, ask a question, or try to come up with a transition connecting two of the ideas in different postings.

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