Database from NCHS or complete query using CDC WISQARS. Essay Dissertation Help

Select a database from NCHS or complete a query using CDC WISQARS.
Select a specific health concern or injury using the population of your choice. Submit a 750-1.000 word report that provides an overview the database or query results. The report should consist of a demographic description of the chosen population including a review of noticeable trends in morbidity and/or mortality by race. gender. and geographic location where specified.
Based on the results and possible trends. present the implications for public health intervention or involvement.
In your report. include considerations of basic ethical and legal principles pertaining to the collection. maintenance. use. and dissemination of epidemiologic data. As Chapter 13 of the text
describes. focus on privacy and security issues surrounding protected health information and how HIPAA protects the confidentiality of the patient. Consider the ethical implications of whether
public health organizations have too much latitude in the use and dissemination of epidemiologic data.

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