database assignment 1459171 2

    1. Part 1: Database Design 

      This week, you will begin by defining the entities, attributes and keys required for your database. After you have defined them, you will create the appropriate entities in MS Access and create forms in Access so that the database can be populated with information.
      Using the free program Dia, (you may use another program to create your ERDs if you like, as long as they conform to the Crow’s foot model), create Entity-Relationship Diagrams that represent the underlying structure of the database. After you have created the ERDs, you will use MS Access to accomplish the following tasks.

• Create an ER diagram for the entities and relationships listed below, including all keys.

Using parent email addresses as the primary key, create entities and relationships that contain relevant student information and information about status with regard to each of the following areas:



Student Instructor
Class Information


Age group

Class type (Science, Art, Music, Language, etc)

Class activities Alumni



Part 2: Database & form creation 

  • In Access, use the ERD and relationships from Part 1 to create and populate a database with entities and attributes for all relevant entities database components

  • In Access, create forms so that users can add entries to the participant, instructor and class groups.

    Criteria: If you complete all parts of the assignment, document them properly and upload documentation to the assignments section of Blackboard, you will receive full credit. 

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