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You have been assigned to develop a data warehouse for a credit card company. The data source for the data warehouse will be a relational database consisting of four tables as specified below:
Account Type
Interest Rate
Credit Limit
Minimum Payment
Credit Limit
Amount Due
Last Payment Amount
Date Account Opened
Date Account Closed
Customer Name
Date of Birth
Fico Score
Authorization Code
Vendor Name
Vendor Type
Vendor Address
Vendor Phone
Complete the following using Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014:
Write SQL scripts in Microsoft® SQL Server® for OLTP that includes:
A Data Definition Language (DDL) script creating the four tables with appropriate data types, primary and foreign keys.
Data Manipulation Language (DML) scripts that inserts a minimum of five records into each table.
Select scripts showing the full contents of each table.
2. Write and run a test script for Step Two. Save a screenshot of the results.
Create a 6-slide PowerPoint® presentation that includes the SQL scripts in Microsoft® SQL Server, test script, and screenshots.
Submit your presentation to the Assignment Files tab.

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