crj 301 module 4 progress test


Carjacking combines the elements of the crimes of:

a. [removed]  robbery and burglary.

b. [removed]  auto theft and burglary.

c. [removed]  robbery and auto theft.

d. [removed]  larceny and auto theft.


Which of the following is not an element of the crime of rape?

a. [removed]  Carnal knowledge

b. [removed]  Force

c. [removed]  Consent

d. [removed]  Enacted upon a female


The killing of another human by accident and misfortune is called:

a. [removed]  justifiable homicide.

b. [removed]  excusable homicide.

c. [removed] mala in se homicide.

d. [removed] mala prohibita justification.


The power to try a case for the first time is referred to as:

a. [removed]  venue.

b. [removed]  appellate jurisdiction.

c. [removed]  original jurisdiction.

d. [removed] certiorari.


In jurisdictions still requiring that a burglary must be in the nighttime, the criteria for nighttime:

a. [removed]  varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

b. [removed]  is sunset to sunrise.

c. [removed]  is one half hour before sunset until one half hour after sunrise.

d. [removed]  is when there is sufficient natural daylight to make out a man’s features.


One who acts, not intending harm, but with complete disregard for the rights and safety of others, causing harm to result, is:

a. [removed]  reckless.

b. [removed]  negligent.

c. [removed]  careless.

d. [removed] mens rea.


A court may acquire jurisdiction over a person by:

a. [removed]  consent.

b. [removed]  arrest (legal or illegal).

c. [removed]  extradition.

d. [removed]  All of the choices apply.


The key difference between solicitation and being an accessory before the fact relates to whether the target crime is:

a. [removed]  a felony or misdemeanor.

b. [removed]  committed.

c. [removed] mala in se.

d. [removed]  illegal.


If consent is obtained by fraud in the inducement, the consent will be:

a. [removed]  a valid defense to the accused.

b. [removed]  an invalid defense to the accused.

c. [removed]  a valid defense only in rape cases.

d. [removed]  an invalid defense only in robbery cases.


Which of the following is/are the current test(s) of insanity?

a. [removed]  Cognitive capacity

b. [removed]  Moral incapacity

c. [removed]  Volitional incapacity

d. [removed]  All of the choices apply.


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