Critique of 3 Articles Essay Help

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Critique of 3 Articles

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Topic: This is a Marketing Class: I need you to write 3 different pages with 3 different topics. Write a critique 3 different pages CRITIQUE. Do not combine topics.
FIND: THREE different article, web or magazine or newspaper from MARCH OR APRIL 2017 FOLLOW instruction
EACH PAGE IS A SEPARATE TOPIC, PLEASE DO NOT COMBINE TOPICS. BUT EACH PAGE ANSWER the same QUESTIONS: Write a critique pages of 3 different topics. They are not
combine in any way.
Questions to follow: a. The main point of the article. b. Who are the intended readers of the article? c. How does this article relate to the concepts you have learned
in your marketing course work? d. Why do you think the article is important to marketing? e. Why are you confident/not confident in the conclusions drawn by the writer
of the article? f. Why do you agree/disagree with the points discussed in the article?
FIND: THREE different either article, web or magazine or newspaper from MARCH OR APRIL 2017. Choose 3 different topics and write 1different critique page for each
individual article. So basically for one article you have to write – one critique page. (total 3)
Choose 3 topics and then find corresponding Article from web, magazine, or newspaper dated March or April 2017
Topics: 1. OFFERING SAFE PRODUCT AND SERVICES – Tesla crushed a vehicle in test drive failure to report. Rights as a consumer and their expectation that firms pay
attention to community/issue 2. What firms are currently rated as being highly socially responsible and solid corporate citizens (google, BMW) 3. Provide example of
ways in which firm have broken the law (google, Sony, or any other firms) – write about only one firm.


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