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Develop a crisis communication plan for the United States Army. Identify potential problems the US Army may face and follow the instructions below:

develop a crisiscommunication plan based on all that we have learned in this session.
The communication plan should include the following:
a. Describe the nature of the organization (what do they do/size/location/etc)
b. Describe the culture of the organization
c. Identify the chief administrators who need to commit to the crisis plan
d. Create your specific crisis communication team
e. Predict and describe the types of crisis that this organization may encounter
f. Identify the various stakeholders
g. Identify the communication nuggets (units of information based on stakeholder groups)
h. Identify methods of delivering information nuggets
i. Prepared materials
j. Identify sequence of communications
k. Create center for communications
l. Identify and train spokesperson
m. Describe how you can simulate a plan
n. Record and Plan- how often will you revisit and update.

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