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The reconstruction of a crime scene is an effort between law enforcement, forensic specialists and experts, medical personnel, and criminalists. However, there are limitations and cautions that need to be considered.      

Assignment Guidelines

  • In 5 paragraphs and no more then 25% plaigiarism, address the following:
    • In your own words, what is the purpose of crime scene reconstruction? Explain.
    • Who do think should be responsible for reconstructing the crime scene? Explain.
    • When do you think it is plausible to reconstruct the crime scene? Explain.
    • What do you think are the 2 most important elements in crime scene reconstruction? Explain why.
    • What challenges exist regarding the use of crime scene reconstruction as evidence in court? Explain.
      • What might be done to ensure that these challenges are avoided?
    • What legal issues do you think are most significant regarding crime scene reconstruction? Explain.
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