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Assignment #4-Final Portfolio Assignment: Creating a Global Marketing Program

1. Marketing Mix
a. Product – overall product positioning (2 pts)
1. Product positioning
2. Product design considerations
3. Scope of product line

b. Price – pricing strategy (2 pts)
1. What is the pricing objective and strategy; skimming, penetration,
market holding, cost plus, etc.
2. Currency fluctuations/exchange rates
3. Inflation within the country
4. Government controls
5. Ethical consideration with the price of the product

c. Distribution Channels (2 pts)
1. Distribution channels to use:
a. An established channel within the country
i. Must motivate the existing distribution channel to sell
your product
b. Build your own channel

d. Global Digital Promotional Strategy – Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)
Identify the digital IMC plan that works best for the marketing mix and strategy. (6 pts)
1. Advertising – Paid Media
a. Display Ads
b. Rich Media Ads
c. E-Mail advertisements
d. Text Link Ads
e. Sponsored Content

2. Public Relations – Blogs/Chat/Social Media
a. Facebook
b. Twitter
c. LinkedIn
d. Youtube

3. Promotions
a. Text coupons
b. Online sweepstake
c. Online games
d. QR codes

4. Promotional budget – Identify the promotional budget needed for the
global market entry.

2. Identify and explain the metrics you will use to define a successful launch and marketing communication plan. How will you measure/ optimize the integration of all the digital marketing techniques within the digital IMC plan? (2 pts)

3. Identify a leadership framework or method to evaluate ethical issues within your global marketing strategy and tactical plan. (2 pts)

Use a minimum of 3 credible sources for the #4 assignment that are cited within the essay or presentation.

• Include proper citation of any graphs or figures that you do not create yourself.

Be formatted according to the 6th edition APA form and style. Please use the provided writing

This paper is based on the company Monsanto who’s products are agrochemicals and seeds

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