Create your home page with Dreamweaver. You may modify an existing template if you wish. I like the ones here because they are simple.

  • Plan for a navigation area at the top, but it doesn’t have to be implemented yet. That will be added later if you don’t have it.
  • You don’t need a complete page with graphics, but your home page should make it clear what your website is about.
  • Plan for components as shown in your book. Don’t do just a single area of text. Use tables to create sections of material. (20 points)
  • Name your home page like this: home.html. Do NOT name it index.html. Points will be counted off, and you will be required to correct this. (10 points)
  • Make and use a separate CSS file to direct your colors and fonts. This should go into a CSS folder. If your style doesn’t show, it is because your reference to the location of your CSS file is wrong. (20 points)
  • It is fine if you slightly change what is in your project plan, but your wireframe from your project plan should be a reference. (15 points)
  • You need a title area (10 points) and at least two paragraphs of text (20 points).
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