correct my essay grammatically and sentence structures

  I  need help in some point in my essay 

1/ grammatically 

2/ sentence structures ( my teacher told my I have many FRG  and RUN-ON sentences 

3/ their is some () in the end of some sentences which include my notce to add 

4/ witer the coclusion as what i mention inside my essay and IN ORDER

5/ add these vocabulary {approach – contand – detect – dynamic – ephemeral – equip – examine – expose – facilitate – get into trouble – identify – learn the hard way – maintain }

6/ witer works cited in the end and check my intext cited using MLA STYLE 


the IMPORTENT thing is ( BE IN SAME LEVEL OF MY WRITING) i do not want excellent witing , i wanna correct writing because { MY TEACHER VERY INTELLEGENT } i do not want him figer it out




due in**** 6 hours**** 

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