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Individual Assignment: Contemporary Issues in Accounting

2000 Words

• Task Details: Download the latest annual report of any two listed companies.
• Annual Reports are available on the company website or ASX website.
• Analyse the conceptual framework with reference to the annual reports of your chosen companies in light of the reporting requirements imposed on accountants and those charged with governance of corporations.

• Your analysis may include the following:
• Are the annual reports in compliance with the conceptual framework and AASB standard requirements?
• You need to use extracts from the annual reports to support your analysis.
• Provide screen shots of the relevant sections from the reports in your assignment.
• If they are not in compliance, explain the reason.
• How the conceptual framework revision to include Prudence is likely to address the disparity in
• Corporate Reporting
• You may find the explanations in the notes to the financial statements or in the Director’s report.
• Compare and contrast the two annual reports, identify the differences in disclosures of these corporations.

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