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Write an essay to answer ONE of the following questions. Please indicate in the heading of the essay the number for the question you are answering.
1. Explain the logic of co-participation and illustrate it with three examples. (Sources: lectures)
2. Explain why elites are necessary but dangerous and illustrate it with examples from Mencius. (Sources: lectures, Mengzi, de Barg)
3. Explain the logic of neo-Confucian self-cultivation and their understanding of reality (Sources: lectures, de Barg, the Great Learning or Zhu-xi, or Wang Yang-Ming)
4. Explain five lasting legacies of Confucianism. (Sources: lectures, Yao)
5. Explain the Confucian understanding of international stability and how it helps us to understand the Imjin War. (Sources: lecture, Yao)
6. Explain the neo-Confucian approach (methodology) of public service. (Sources: lectures, Yao) 7. Explain Confucian moral theory and practice and illustrate it with six virtues (values), particularly Ren. (Sources: lectures, Yao)
8. Why do Confucians see ritual as significant? (Sources: lectures, Yao)
9. Is Confucianism “liberal,” “conservative,” or neither? (Sources: lectures, Yao)
10. Does Confucianism have a theory of just war? (Sources: lectures, Bell, Beyond Liberal Democracy)
11. Explain the Confucian theory and practice of political economy. Does Confucianism converge, diverge, or both, with respect to contemporary economics? (Sources: lectures, Yao, or de Barg, see de Barg’s index on neo-Confucianism)
12. Explain Zhu Xi’s concept of the investigation of “things” and its connection to the neoConfucian renovation. (Sources: lectures, Yao, de Bary vol. I)
13. Explain the connection of the following passage from the “Commentary on the Great Learning” to proper order (how does it express proper order?) (Sources: lectures, Yao): “What the people love, the ruler loves. This says that good government with grace and kindness affirms the kindness of people, and the ruler implements [good policies] that he would wish. Thus, he makes public granaries, lowers taxes, helps the needy and lonely, and rules with reciprocity.”

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