complete your website

Complete your website. In addition to what you turned in at midterm time, you should also have these elements:

  • A complete home page and at least three complete additional pages using tables to divide your material. Each page has a title and navigation to go elsewhere on the website. Each page has at least two paragraphs of text. (40 points)
  • A working, complete feedback/contact form with a title and navigation to go elsewhere on the website if desired. (10 points)
  • A logo and at least one other graphic used effectively. (20 points)
  • Use of style in linked CSS file for consistency of appearance. (10 points)
  • At least one animation (use Animate or CSS) or an edited an video that you made. You may use your cell phone to record you video; it doesn’t have to be Youtube quality — primarily I’ll be looking for basic editing skills. (20 points)
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