complete 6 short discussion posts 4


Cell Cycle and Cancer

Modification to our DNA sequences during cell reproduction can result from a number of potential influences (environmental or genetic). These modifications can lead to genetic mutations and cell cycle disruption. In your discussion, discuss the events leading to a potential mutation and the process of genetic change as it relates to cancer progression.


This week you learned how to solve many different equations and inequalities. Each of these can be used in a real-world situation.

Which of the equations or inequalities this week did you enjoy solving the most and why? Which were the most challenging? Did you come across problems in the text that you need help solving? If so, include them here.

Try to find an interesting example of your most challenging equation/inequality type being used in the real world. Why is the example interesting? What is the specific equation used in that situation? Include links to the sources.


As discussed in the reading materials, medical records represent a written record of a patient’s medical history and treatment plan. For this reason, medical records must be maintained to ensure accuracy and completeness. Please discuss in detail at least two measures currently being used to maximize accuracy and completeness of the patient medical record. What are the consequences of having inaccurate and incomplete patient records in any medical setting?

If you were an office manager for a medical office, what specific efforts would you make to ensure the two measures you outlined above are met by the medical staff in your charge?


Atherosclerosis is a major risk factor for many types of cardiac events. Let’s discuss how we can prevent the plague buildup in our bodies and how genetics might play a role.

  • Discuss what medications are used to treat this disease and who should be taking them?
  • What diseases are patients at risk for when they have ather-osclerosis?
  • Make sure to include at least one paragraph in your re-sponse and explain your answer with detailed information


WEEK 7: Discussion Prompt #1 – Holders of equity capital (common and preferred stock) are owners of the firm. There are those that argue that having equity capital benefits the organization versus debt. With the variety of debt structures available, such as angel investors, fund-raising, etc., do you believe that it is better for the organization to give up part of the ownership in the company or to seek straight debt outside the company?


WEEK 7: Discussion Prompt #2 – Technology has advanced how organizations raise money or seek debt to finance their operations. Today, social media and the Internet have influenced these processes. For this discussion, provide an example of a venture capital strategy that you would use to start your own business. Discuss how this strategy is different than traditional debt structures.

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