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3.3.1. Industry Competitors
What are the major factors that distinguish between the competitors (see chapter 3 of the textbook under the “strategic groups” for some examples)? Please start with a list of 7-10 companies in the industry and based on the factors you identified identify which 3 companies are more similar to (and therefore direct competitors of) the case company? You cannot use competitor lists as identified by external reports. You need to come up with your own list of direct competitors based your analysis.

3.3.2. Rivals Anticipated Strategic Moves
What are the recently announced moves of the competitors?
What are their strategies? How are they expected to act in the future? How will those actions affect our company? Are there any threats or opportunities? You can find the information for this part by looking at the competitors’ related new, public
relations announcements, CEO interviews, etc.

3.3.3. Key Success Factors
Briefly define key success factors. What are the major product attributes, resources, and/or capabilities that are essential for success in this industry? You can find some examples of KSFs in chapter 3 of the textbook. You need to support your assertions with factual evidence.

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