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1. Topic Choice: Topics must be from the approved list found in this packet (next page). You cannot turn in a paper from another class.
2. Length of Papers: Must be at least four pages of paragraph-form text (pictures/tables/lists etc don’t count) It is OK to leave some blank space on 1ST and 4TH pages but, combined, those two pages should add to at least one full page of text.
3. Typing Style: All papers must be typed, double-spaced, no fonts larger than 12, no margins greater than 1 inch. ***!!!
4. Bibliography: A paper must have a bibliography page, which does NOT count toward the total number of pages ***!!!
5. Sources: In your bibliography, you must have at least three sources other than your official class texts. ***!!!
6. Quotations: In the body of any paper, you must include at least two direct quotations of material from the sources in your bibliography. Use quotation marks or indenting to indicate clearly that these are quotations. ***!!!

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