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Comparing qualitative with quantitative approaches
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– Please ensure the writer selected is a native English speaker.
– I have provided some articles, however more will need to be sourced and I expect to see more than just the sources I have listed used as sources. Please note that you do not have to use all of these articles – I have sent them for just in case they might be useful to you.
– Please try to use published journal articles as sources and not text books or websites.
– Please attempt to limit sources to those published within the last 10 years unless they are seminal articles. (the ones I have provided are also ok).
– Please ensure that each question is answered separately to that each question (a-e) has a distinct and referenced answer.
– I have also provided a screen shot of the marking criteria for this task. Please ensure writer uses this as a guide for writing.
– This paper will be submitted through “Turnitin” anti-plagiarism software, so please ensure that this is original work.


Scenario: You are part of a project looking at depression in adolescents including various aspects of experience.
How might a qualitative study investigate the experience of depression compared to a quantitative study such as a survey?
a.Research question (How would the approaches differ in what is asked?)
b.Sample recruitment (How would the approaches differ in selecting people to study?)
c.Data collection (How would the approaches differ in getting data?)
d.Data analysis (How would the approaches differ in what is asked of the data?)
e.Findings and generalisations you can draw from the data. (How would the approaches differ in the kind of findings that are produced from the analysis?How does each approach attempt to ensure generalisability?)

Tips for the writer:
– What we want to see is you thinking through how you might qualitatively study the experience of depression. While you are asked to contrast qualitative and quantitative approaches, you need only to be quite general with the descriptions of quantitative methods e.g. sampling. Focus more on describing qualitative methods. A number of your early readings do describe qualitative by contrasting it to the more prevalent quantitative (in health research) approach.

Follow the sub-headings a-e.

For a – the research question – pose a question (not a statement or a title) that reflects the different purposes of qualitative and quantitative approaches.

for b – try and show why the approaches differ in the process of selecting participants and the size of the study sample

For c and d – try and show why the approaches differ in the procedure for collecting and analysing data

for e – describe what each approach will try and find (i.e when they publish their findings what will they be showing their readers) and how will they make their audience confident that the findings can be applied beyond the people they studied.

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