COMPARE AND CONTRAST on Ancient and Modern Greek Olympics Essay Dissertation Help

COMPARE AND CONTRAST on Ancient and Modern Greek Olympics

Paper details:

Must be 5 paragraphs. 1 page. Three sources with at least two in paragraphs quotes. Would like if this was one source. .html

The mini research paper must be a minimum of one page and no more than two pages. If you feel you must write more. you need
to contact your teacher for permission.

Your paper is a comparison and contrast essay about the Ancient and Modern Greek Olympics.

Two sources are required.

The proper format of an essay contains an introduction. body paragraphs. and a conclusion.

The introduction requires a thesis statement as the last sentence of the paragraph: this is the central idea of your whole paper.
The body paragraphs must contain a topic with supporting details further relating back to your thesis. Your body paragraph must
contain and show that comparison and contrast- Review the format found in Unit 1 Lesson 5. The paper needs to have at least
two quotes (one from each source inserted as in-text parenthetical citations).

The conclusion can restate your thesis. highlight important points or provide extra information.

Remember a paragraph contains at least 3-6 sentences.

MLA Documentation – a Works Cited page is required as the last page.

The site Wikipedia will not be accepted as a credible source.

Be sure to use proper spelling. punctuation. grammar. usage and capitalization-

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