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Complete an educational needs assessment in your chosen community setting utilizing available health statistics and community-identified health education needs.

Review development considerations (e.g, age, health literacy levels) of the target community.

Develop an education plan template and health education material for this population.
An education plan template is usually brief and consists of bullet points with limited narrative.
The template for your education plan and the teaching material(s) must be submitted during week 6 using
The teaching materials cannot be used until reviewed and graded. See Course Calendar for due dates.

Implement the education plan

Review current literature on the topic (evidence-based practice) using scholarly nursing journals (e.g., through CINAHL, Medline) or clinical practice guidelines from: Joanna Brigs Institute, Cochrane database or AHRQ (

Develop a program goal and one or two objectives – this is based on your assessment of learning needs (not what you want to teach – see Allender textbook pp. 376) and uses educational objectives from the Bloom’s taxonomy.

Summarize content of activity- content follows logically from your needs assessment and objective(s). If plan includes an activity (e.g., presentation), consider time limits.

Summarize or list teaching strategy (based on above).

Summarize content of written material (based on goal and objective)

List one or two strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of the teaching activity.


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