combine all follow instructions to the t

For this one i have attached diffent weeks of home work you have to follow the instructions and combine all of them like the instructions say


This is the final step of the project . Your final task is to combine each weekly project into one master Office Training Program Proposal. A suggested order follows.


Develop a detailed proposal for your training program. Please include the following:

  1. Title and overall description of the program (Use your material from Weeks 01-04.)
  2. Training objectives (From Week 05)
  3. Training methods to be used and the rationale for using them (including a discussion of the principles on which the choices are based). (From Week 05)
  4. A tentative lesson plan including list and brief description of training materials. (From Week 05)
  5. A training program evaluation plan. (This is something new for this final project step. Evaluation should be done at both the reaction and learning levels. (For information, see Chapter 7)
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