Cold War Politics in the Truman Years, 1945-1953 Essay Help

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Harry Truman
Containment/Truman Doctrine (714-715,718)
Marshall Plan (718)
Berlin (718-719)
Deterrence/Nuclear Arms Race (719)
NATO (720)
Mao Zedong/China/Taiwan (721-722)
Palestine/Israel (722)
GI Bill (724; also 699-700)
LULAC/American GI Forum (726-727)
McCarthyism (729-730)
Korea/General MacArthur (730-734)

How did the US and the Soviet Union go from being allies to being enemies? (712-714)
Explain: “The Western Allies’ delay in opening a second front in Western Europe aroused Soviet suspicions during the war.” (713)

What was at stake in the Cold War? Why were the two sides so far apart? (713-714)
Describe the perspectives of Stalin and Churchill on the emerging Cold War. What do these speeches tell us about the nature of the conflict? (716-717)

Describe the perspective of Henry Wallace. Do you find his comments relevant today? (717)
Explain how the “national security state” became a major part of America. (719-720)
Describe Truman’s ideas for a “Fair Deal”. Do you think he was asking for too much? (722-729)
Explain how the economy grew following WW II. Why were workers feeling stress? (723-724)
Comment: “Inflation, not unemployment, turned out to be the most severe problem…” (723)
How would you explain the growth of civil rights movements following WW II? (724-727)
Explain how Truman won the election of 1948. Why was this election unusual? (727-728)
How did anti-Communist hysteria dominate American politics in the early 1950s? (729-730)
Explain how the Korean War raised critical questions about containment policy. (731-732)
Comment: “…the cold war defined American politics and society for decades to come.” (734)


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