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Coca-Cola 10-K Paper

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Coca-Cola 10-k Paper Please follow the outline provided Also use the Link to the 2015 10-K report as a main reference
• 4 pages single spaced, double space between paragraphs. Page count does not include title page, tables and exhibits, table of contents, and works cited list
• title page
• bibliography or works cited (business classes use APA format)
• in text citations (business classes use APA format)
• tables, and appendixes if you wish to copy and paste financial statements or materials you did not write (these will not be part of the ‘page count’)
• Your paper should use one-inch margins on the left, right, top, and bottom of each page, and font set at 12 point.
1. Link to the 2015 10-K report:
4. Current Position on the Fortune 500 List: 62
5. Income Statement: Pg. 75
Balance Sheet: Pg. 77
Statement of Stockholders Equity: Pg. 79
Statement of Cash Flow: Pg. 78

Below is an outline of the paper
Please follow the outline provided

Income Statement

Category: Liabilities

1. What were the company’s liabilities as displayed on the balance sheet for the most recent fiscal year? Comment on the trend in total liabilities, both current and
long term.

2. Notes to the financial statements: What more do you learn about liabilities from these details?
Category: Contingencies

1. Identify and describe any contingencies. How are they disclosed?

2. Considering materiality as one component, what do you learn about contingencies from your review of the notes to the financial statements?
Category: Defining Contingencies

1. What goals might management have regarding the disclosure of contingencies?

2. Identify and explain gain contingencies as they apply to your company.
3. Identify and explain loss contingencies as they apply to your company.

Statement of Stockholder’s Equity
Category: Reporting Stockholders’ Equity

1. Explain the relevancy of your company’s statement of stockholders’ equity. Your comments should include column titles as well as line items. Any surprises related
to items not included or items displayed? What changes do you observe? An example would be treasury stock.

2. Retained earnings or accumulated deficits: comment on the activity reporting, including references to previous fiscal year activity.

Category: Common Stock, Dividends, and other activity

1. Describe activity for this fiscal year and others disclosed relating to common stock, dividends, and related activity.

2. Comment on concepts such as stock compensation and stock options. What do you learn from the notes to the financial statements regarding these items?
Category: Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income / (Loss)

1. Compare and contract items in the area of Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income / (Loss) for this fiscal year with other years disclosed in the statement of
shareholders’ equity.

2. Provide additional details about accumulated other comprehensive income based on your review of the notes to the financial statements.
Investment and Revenue Recognition
Category: Investments

1. Identify and explain the investments disclosed by your SEC 10-K company? Where are the disclosed? Is there information you cannot access due to generalization and
issues of materiality?
2. Identify and explain trends in the investment holdings of your SEC 10-K company, comparing this fiscal year to previous years. What detail do you learn from the
notes to the financial statements?
Category: Revenue Recognition

1. How is the concept of revenue recognition disclosed in your SEC 10-K? Identify and explain the recognition issues faced by your company.
2. Describe the sales and revenue issues of your company in terms of customers and sales types.
Statement of cash flow
Category: Operating Activities

1. State whether your corporation uses the direct or indirect method of preparing the Statement of Cash Flows and describe how the Statement would be different under
these two methods.

2. What are the largest increases and decreases in the operating activities section of your corporation’s Statement of Cash Flows?

3. Given the industry your corporation operates in and the current economic environment, explain any unexpected operating activities that caused cash flow to decrease.
Category: Investing and Financing Activities

1. Explain similarities and or differences in preparing the Statement of Cash Flows using International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

2. Describe investments reported on your corporation’s Statement of Cash Flows in the current and most recent past year.

3. Review your corporation’s Statement of Cash Flows over the past 3 years and explain any financing trends.

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