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********* Feedback from the instructor for Week3 ****
The grade was a (B) listed below is the feedback and the points of the paper. I will upload the paper and at the bottom is the assignment. Thank you ….. APA Format
Logo – visually appealing & appropriate for procedures manual topic. So a logo has to be presented on the title page, and then used in the paper as well (preferably at the start of each section), so this has to be accomplished and be unique. I did not see it so this was a loss of points.

Table of contents (auto-generated): Separate page, Maximum of 3 levels deep, Fields updated so that the TOC it is up-to-date. So here we need to be sure these are linked to the sections titles, and thus auto-generated. I can award the points since the TOC was linked.

Introduction. So this was correct and has been evaluated, as it was already done in the first section.

Procedures manual preparation plan – updated. This appeared updated from last week.

Procedures manual – Chapters for procedures overview, formal procedure statement, explanation of procedure & when & where it is used, examples, authorized contacts, etc. For the procedures I thought you gave it an effort in that it appeared consistent, and concise making it easier to comprehend and follow however this must be more comprehensive providing detailed action verb driven sentences, taking at least a page and a half, so I would expand this to even include what must be done on the documentation. I would state however you need to follow more accurately the following actions:

1. Write actions out in the order in which they happen. …

2. Avoid too many words. …

3. Use the active voice. …

4. Use lists and bullets. [This appeared ok].

5. Don’t be too brief, or you may give up clarity.

6. Explain your assumptions, and make sure your assumptions are .valid. [really did not see any assumptions].

7. Use jargon and slang carefully.

Glossary or index – Glossary was not prepared and thus did not represent any terms successfully as I would expect.

Section headings (create each heading on a new page with TBD as content, except for sections listed under “New Content”): Project Outline; Procedures Manual Outline; Procedures Manual Proposal; Procedures Manual Brochure; Procedures Manual; Preparation Plan; Procedures Manual. Ok, I so verified this! Good!

Common design throughout manual. Both fonts, structure and size of the sections appear consistent thus the design is credible!

Name document yourname_ITDI373_IP3.doc. Files may also be .docx format. Note that yourname is your actual name, not the words “yourname”. No issues here!

Total. My comments are above deductions were basically for missing content as I stated. You had no other issues with grammar, content, or originality.

For this assignment, you will be taking a step back to reflect on all of the information contained in your procedures manual. You will develop an abstract that highlights the information contained in the procedures manual and that is 150–300 words. Next, in recognizing that one your procedures manual audiences is the advanced or experienced staff member wanting a quick method for looking up information, you are tasked with developing a quick reference guide. You may use lists, tables, and references to pages in the procedures manual for more detail. The quick reference guide should be no more than 5 pages and can be as few as 2 pages.

Follow these steps for this assignment:
1.Update the procedures manual document title page with a new date and the project name.
2.Update previously completed sections based on instructor feedback.
3.Complete the items listed under “New Content” below, and copy it under the sections in the procedures manual document called “Abstract” and “Procedures Manual Quick Reference.” ?New Content ?Abstract ?Develop an abstract summarizing the contents of the procedures manual in 150–300 words.

?Procedures manual quick reference ?Develop a quick reference section for advanced users.

4.Be sure to update your table of contents before submission.
5.Name the document “yourname_ITDI373_IP4.doc.”


The overall project deliverables are as follows:
•Procedures manual document shell (in Word format) ?Title page ?Course number and name
?Project name
?Your name

?Table of contents (autogenerated) ?This should be on a separate page
?This should be a maximum of 3 levels deep
?Fields updated so that the TOC it is up-to-date before submitting your project

?Section headings (create each heading on a new page with TBD as content, except for sections listed under “New Content” above) I.Project Outline
III.Procedures Manual Outline
IV.Procedures Manual Proposal
V.Procedures Manual Brochure
VI.Procedures Manual Preparation Plan
VII.Procedures Manual
VIII. Procedures Manual: Quick Reference


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