classical research argument essay


For this assignment, you are entering the conversation and providing an argument you will develop using 


specific details from the research for the attachment to support it.


You will need to read the sources closely, examining their assumptions, assessing their reasons and 


evidence, and weighing their conclusions.  From there, you will present your own argument and support it 


with the research that you have performed.  This paper should work from the research already done for 


the attachment and no other research should be necessary, but more research can be used to further illuminate the 


topic.  The ultimate goal of this paper is to present a reasonable and rational argument that uses sources to 


come to a conclusion about the topic being discussed.   


Your essay will be submitted in the following manner:


? Double Spaced, 12pt font, Times New Romans, 1” margins


? Either APA or MLA formatting


? Four to 5 pages in length


* Conclusion



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