CIS-555 week 3 discussions

CIS-555 week3 discussion1
“Requirements Inspection and Validation” Please respond to the following:
  • From the e-Activity, examine the possibility that a gap between the animated model and the original specification may exist. Propose how you would detect the gaps.
  • Assess the pros and cons of having a large number of reviewers versus having a small number of viewers in the requirements inspection process. Determine whether you would use internal or external reviewers and explain why.
CIS-555 Week3 discussion 2
“Traceability and Change Control” Please respond to the following:
  • Suppose a system had no traceability management present. Predict five problems that you believe could occur when change requests are made. 
  • Suppose you were a project leader. Propose five methods that you would use to manage change requests. Select the method that you think would work best for you and defend your selection.


Week 3 eActivity
  • Model simulation using an animator makes it convenient to input events and watch the model’s reactions. Watch the video titled SolidWorks 2013: Simulation Sub-Modeling and Incremental Meshing” (2 min 9 s). Be prepared to discuss. 

    Video Source: SolidWorks. (2012, September 12). SolidWorks 2013: Simulation Sub-Modeling and Incremental Meshing [Video file]. Retrieved from


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