Chipotle international marketing entry plan Essay Help

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Chipotle international marketing entry plan

Company: Chipotle
International country: London

1.Executive summary
2. Select a country where you think the business should market/sell its products/services. Analyze the key characteristics of the country based on
political and legal indicators

3. Analyze the current situation of the company: products, customers, competitors

4. Develop communication objectives that refer to what the firm seeks to accomplish with its promotional program and how it will be accomplish
5. Develop the Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy for the foreign market: the most involved and detailed part of the work. Decisions have to be made regarding the role and importance of each IMC tool and their coordination with one another. you need to be as concrete as possible regarding how you plan to communicate with your foreign target market through each of these tools and what adaptation and changes will have to be made to the domestic communication strategy in place.

c. Interactive/Internet Marketing message and media strategy and tactics-
d. Sales promotion message and media strategy and tactics-


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