Chemistry HOMEWORK

1. Why did the UN initiate a project to develop a global harmonized system for classifying and labeling hazardous substances and mixtures? In your answer, cover the following:
a. Using the hazard of acute toxicity, give an example of how different countries could give an inconsistent classification of the same chemical substance.
b. Look at the OSHA GHS classification scheme for acute toxicity and describe how this will provide consistent classifications for countries that adopt and implement a GHS program.
c. If a chemical substance has an oral LD50 of 295 mg/kg body weight, what is the GHS category for acute toxicity? What is the oral LD50 range that will give a category 3 classification for acute toxicity?


2. Provide your understanding of the following:

a. Describe the difference between a carcinogen 1A and 1B classification. What pictogram goes on the label for a 1A classification and what pictogram goes on the label for a 1B classification?


b. Describe the required elements to go onto an OSHA compliant label and explain the purpose of each.


c. What additional information would you put onto the label if the product being sold is a 20 liter container of concentrated sulfuric acid?


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