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Champion Change
To be effective leaders and change agents, you need to understand and apply principles related to the politics of change. Construct a stakeholders’ map related to a needed change at Google, Inc.,
and write a memorandum to make a “pitch” to a change champion who can endorse the change effort and actively support it. The focus here is on how to change, versus what to change.
High proficiency should reflect in the following competencies:
• Assess the complex and dynamic nature of organizational change.
• Analyze ways in which leaders and managers can effectively initiate, shape, and support organizational change.
• Analyze the processes of change in people, groups, and organizations.
• Communicate effectively in a professional manner.

In a memorandum to a senior manager who can serve as a change champion for Google, Inc., include the following:
(1) Identify the change and why it is needed for Google.

(2) Develop a stakeholder’s map, including those directly or indirectly affected by the change.

(3) Explain each stakeholder’s position on the change. Be sure to include what they can gain or what they can lose.

(4) Articulate recommendations for structural or cultural changes as part of the change plan.

(5) Assess alternative approaches to managing resistances. Consider how to deal with toxic players.
** The memorandum should be written coherently to support a central idea **
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