Challenging Behaviors in a Head Start Classroom Essay Dissertation Help

Site Description Child, Family, and Community Services, Inc. (CFCS) is a non-profit organization that provides early childhood services to qualifying low-income children and families. There are
seventeen Head Start preschool sites that offer full-day and part-day options for the families. The mission of CFCS is to enhance family self-sufficiency and provide children with a chance to be
Overview In a preschool classroom, the children are preparing to enter public education and learning through play how to sit down for Story Time, how to begin to resolve problems on their own,
learning how to interact with their peers, following multi-step directions, and the list goes on. There is challenging behavior of different degrees in every classroom, whether it is an infant
classroom or even a high school classroom. It is the responsibility of the educator to work with the children and families on a daily basis, but even more so when challenging behaviors present in
the classroom.
Inquiry Topic The school year started in September and though I have been with the organization for several years, the Sunset Adult School Head Start is my new work site. Everything is also new for
the children and other staff members as there is a brand new teaching team in the classroom. Though the school has been in session for fourteen weeks, the classroom is far from running smoothly as
there are several children that continue to struggle with being in a large group setting. Since the beginning of the course, children have engaged in behaviors that are considered challenging by
the staff. These include physical aggression towards the children and teachers, such as pushing, biting, and hitting. The behaviors have a direct impact on the entire classroom

What strategies can educators at Sunset Adult School Head Start Preschool / Child, Family, and Community Services use to alter the classroom environment and allow for better classroom management?
What types of disruptive behaviors are occuring in a day? What strategies do we have in place that are currently effective? What new strategies are working?

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