Cha.6 Criminology Hwk

 Book “Criminoloy Second Edition


Read Chapter 6. Please submit your responses to the following questions via the drop box:

1. What is social disorganization? How does it contribute to crime? What were Shaw and McKay’s findings with regards to the Concentric Zone model? 

2. Define anomie. How does this “cause” crime.

3. Briefly explain Robert K. Merton’s Mean/Ends Theory (Modes of Adaptation).

4. According to Robert Agnew, what are the 3 major types of negative relationships which cause strain?

5. What would Albert Cohen say caused crime? What are middle-class measuring rods?

6. How do Sykes and Matza differ from Cohen in their belief of crime causation?

7. Briefly explain the violent subculture theory of Marvin Wolfgang.

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