Ch. 1. Compare “faith” and “reason” as methods used in religions. [This will include taking note of differing definitions of…

Ch. 1. Compare “faith” and “reason” as methods used in religions. [This will include taking note of differing definitions of faith, some of which include reasoning or a search to make a given faith position reasonable.] Ch. 2. Describe the differences among the four theological positions on faith. [This will include not only definitions or descriptions of the four positions, but some comparison and contrast.] Ch. 3. Describe thoroughly the method of science. [Be sure to include a discussion of the place of naturalism in science, of hypothesis formation and testing, and the relation of the method to everyday methods of knowing.] Ch. 4. Describe the various major limits of science. [The major subheadings of the chapter will guide you in noting the various types of limits.] Ch. 5. Describe the position that postmodernism takes on science and criticisms of this position. [Give the relevant arguments pomo uses as well as the arguments of opponents of pomo; be sure to discuss the issue of whether science can be univerally valid, contrary to pomo.] Ch. 6 Discuss the portrayal of God as truly Ultimate Creator and Sustainer of everything. [This will include ideas from Philo. Anselm, Aquinas, and some reference to Hindu and Taoist texts.] Ch. 7 Describe major elements in the positions of some leading atheists, as well as responses by McGrath and Rahner. [It will not hurt to show similarities among some atheistic positions, beginning with Feuerbach.
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