case study 5 the intermountain way to positively impact costs and quality

In some of the modules throughout this course, you will be assigned a case study. These case studies represent real-world problems you could possibly face. These cases are designed to build on the material we have covered during the module. Read each case study carefully before beginning your work. Your response must be well thought-out and complete in content when submitted.

For this module, you are to:

  1. Read Case 5, “The Intermountain Way to Positively Impact Costs and Quality.”
  2. Respond to Assignment Questions 1, 2, and one additional question from those found at the end of the case. (Each answer should be at least 1 page, approximately 2/3 pages in length). Include information from the module reading (Chapter 5 & 6 – see attachment)

Note: This case shows the effect of consistent clinical leadership over time when influenced by industrial leaders in continuous quality improvement.

Chapter 5 Summary

This chapter focuses on the role of implementation science in the CQI process. Chapter Three delved into the actual data collection and analysis, but measurement is meaningless without determining if a process resulted in the desired or optimal outcomes. Be able to define quality and list desired outcomes from various stakeholder perspectives.

Chapter 6 Summary

This chapter emphasizes the role of teams in CQI. Pay particular attention to the section on “Understanding and Improving the Performance of Quality Improvement Teams,” which highlights team tasks, characteristics, relationships/status, norms, and stages of development..

McLaughlin, C. P.
Implementing Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care. [Chegg]. Retrieved from

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