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Subject : Phyllis Young.

I need 2 case studies to be done by 11-30-16. With high quality work, 0% plagiarism.


After reading Case 1 and Case 2, write a 2 page single spaced paper, FOR EACH CASE, addressing:

1)  As this case was written in 1995 envisioning the year 2000, what are the reasons (from AI technology, applications, and societal viewpoints) why we weren’t able to meet the author’s expectations by the year 2000?  Kindly discuss and show evidence.

2) How far away are we from realizing AI’s potential as described in the case?  Kindly discuss and show evidence.

Thus, your write-up should be 2 pages single-spaced for Case 1 and 2 pages single-spaced for Case 2.









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