case analysis 1 hailing a new era hair in japan

Case Analysis 1: Hailing a New Era: Hair in Japan

Please note that you should read the case and then about half page a synopsis of the case and thereafter analyze the case including answering the questions at the end of the case. The entire assignment should not exceed (3) pages.

Case Questions: (you can also find the same questions on picture number 5)

1. How far has Haier come since its creation in 1984?

2. What is special about Haier’s current management system? Why did the company create this system?

3. What role has CEO Zhang played in Haier’s development? How would you describe him as a leader?

4. What kind of tensions could arise for Haier when implementing its management system in Japan?

5. How did Du manage the tensions during his leadership of Haier Japan? Please assess Du in terms of how he goes about reconciling cultural differences. In which aspects would you agree with him and in which would you not?

6. Should Haier adapt to the Japanese culture and change its management system? Or should Haier impose its system in Japan?

7. What types of cultural challenges might Haier face in other cultures? What would you suggest that Haier improve in order to better manage the cultural complexity of its global footprint?

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