capestone 4 case

Drawing on the background materials and the information you collected in your SLP for this module, write a 3- to 4-page paper discussing the relationship between your organization’s skills and staff characteristics. Be sure to address the following questions: What is the organization’s chief skill (core competency)? What are its key staff characteristics and how do they operate? How do these elements fit with the organization’s structure, strategy, style, and systems? Recommend ways (if there are any) that its skills and staff characteristics could be improved to improve organizational performance. Articles: Supervision is a part of the staff element of the 7-S model. Among other benefits, supervision can result in building and nurturing key core competencies or skills. Read Robert Ramsey’s article from SuperVision that talks about how to build the skill of innovation. Ramsey, R. D. (2003). The supervision of innovation. SuperVision, 64(7), 3-5. Another way to build or reinforce desired skills or competencies is through training. For an innovative approach to developing innovative managers, read Dianne Molvig’s article entitled “Training, executive style.” Molvig, D. (2003, July). Training, executive style. Credit Union Magazine, 69, 50-54. Before you can develop the skills of employees, it is necessary to attract and keep the ones you want. This article written by Debbie Behrnes discusses some of the current issues faced by employers regarding hiring and keeping a talented workforce. Behrnes, D., (2012). Recruiting the right people and keeping them. Human Resources Magazine. 16.5, p12-13.
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