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Finance Homework Introduction to Finance Week 7 Melicher / Norton 14th Edition / 2011 Chapter 12: P1, P2, P3, and P4 P1. From the information below, compute the average annual return, the variance, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation for each asset. ASSET ANNUAL RETURNS A) 5%, 10%, 15%, 4% B) -6%, 20%, 2%, -5%, 10% C) 12%, 15%, 17% D) 10%, -10%, 20%, -15%, 8%, -7% P2. Base upon your answers to question 1, which asset appears riskiest based on standard deviation? Based on coefficient of variation? P3. Recalling the definitions of risk premiums from Chapter 8 and using the Treasury bill return in Table 12.4 as an approximation to the nominal risk-free rate, what is the risk premium from investing in each of the other asset classes listed in Table 12.4? Table 12.4 – Historical Returns and Standard Deviation of Returns from Different Assets, 1928-2008: Annual Average Return – Treasury Bills (3.8%), Treasury Bonds (5.4%), Stocks (11.1%), Inflation Rate (3.2%) Standard Deviation – Treasury Bills (3.0%), Treasury Bonds (7.6%), Stocks (20.4%), Inflation Rate (4.0%) P4. What is the real, or after-inflation, return from each of the asset classes listed in Table 12.4?
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