can anyone help answers do not need be long one two complete sentences



  1. Who was Prometheus and why is he a standard for the romantic hero?

  2. Why is Prometheus such a compelling mythological image?

  3. Why is Goethe’s FAUST considered such a significant work?

  4. Discuss how Faust fits the pattern of the archetypal hero on the hero’s journey.

  5. How does Faust fit the pattern of a romantic hero?

  6. Is Faust a sympathetic character? Why? Why not?

  7. Does Faust demonstrate any negative attributes?

  8. What is Faust’s salvation? What ultimately gives his life meaning?

  9. How does Faust differ from Frederic Douglass or Sojourner Truth as a hero figure?

10.The Byronic personality is usually configured as one who leads an extraordinary life style and experiences an operatic demise. Has contemporary culture produced any individuals who fit this description? 

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