c program project please help if you have visual studio

CSC 115 Program #8

Fall 2013


Due: December 2


Creating a Dictionary


The file wordlist.txt contains a list of words, one word per line. Write a program that inputs the words, sorts them into alphabetical order, and writes them to an output file called dictionary.txt.


The input file contains an arbitrary number of words up to a maximum of 1000. There is no sentinel at the end of the data. Your program must include:


  • A function to input a list of words from a file.
  • A function to sort a list of words into alphabetical order.
  • A function to output a list words to a file.


Instructions for Turning in Your Project


I will not grade your project, and you will receive a score of 0, if you do not comply with these instructions. You must turn in all materials by the date and time listed at the beginning of this handout. Your submission is not complete—and I will not grade it—until you have turned in all the required materials. Anything that is not turned in by the deadline will be marked at least one day late and will receive a grading penalty as specified in the syllabus.


Turn in these things:


·         Turn in a printed, completed copy of the project form. There is a blank project form in the CSC115 Handouts folder on the server.

·         Turn in a printed copy of your source-code file.

·         In your CSC115 TurnIn folder on the server, create a folder called Project #8. Place a copy of your source-code file in the Project #8 folder. Do not place anything else in the project folder other than the source-code file for this project.


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