Business Valuation and Financial Analysis Essay Help

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Business Valuation and Financial Analysis

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Hi Team,
This is a continuation of the assignment. Please be informed that the Group assignment is already completed and submitted on Domino’s Pizza. Now Please be informed
that now in this new assignment we need to move towards Part 1 of Individual Assignment (on Domino’s Pizza) which says to write:
Part 1: Write-up is limited to 2 pages of text with 2 pages of supporting materials, i.e. the reformatting, as an appendix. Please use a font size of 12 and 2.5cm
margins and single spacing.

1. Reformatted Financial Statements and Financial Analysis (10 marks)

Reformat at least the last 5 years of your company’s financial statements. Use ratio analysis and cash flow analysis to evaluate the current and past performance of
the business and assess its sustainability.
• Reformat at least 5 years
• Prepare 4 years of ratios
• Prepare risk ratios for cash flow analysis
• WRITE UP – what happened AND WHY the ratios/ cash flow changed
Now for the Part 1 of Individual Assignment I request the writer to use the lecture slides 4 and 5 which I have attached below and all the information is available now
in these two lecture slides for this part. Moreover I have attached two sample documents provided by Professor on Qantas Airlines. These documents are:
1. Reformatted Financial Statements(Excel file)
2. Financial Analysis

Please make sure you adhere to these samples and lecture slides Week 4 and Week 5 and do the assignment on Domino’s Pizza accordingly. Referencing and citation should
be UTS harward referencing style.
Note: Please don’t get confused with the Part 2 and 3 of individual assignment that I will instruct it separately after 2 weeks.
Hi Team I have attached one file for the calculations which may be very helpful for the writers to understand and do the calculations for my assignment. It is an in-
class exercise given by my professor on calculating the required ratios. Its a simple exercise for 2 years with very few financial information. It’s an excel file
which contains all the information. Trust me it can be very helpful for the writer to understand. Please Please Please have a look into it gives you the directions to
do the calculations. It has three tabs in excel please have a look into all of these. It’s done just for 2 years. But for the assignment, we have to do for 5 years.
Make sure you do the assignment accordingly.


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